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What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is a powerful prescription medicine. It is also available in the names such as Percocet and Oxycodone. Since 1916, it has been used for improving the lives of people who suffer from various types of pain. It has a narcotic that helps in the management of pain which is extreme enough to need daily around-the-clock, long-term treatment. The immediate release, controlled release and tamper resistant variants of this medicine are available in the market.

Uses of OxyContin:

This medicine is used to relieve moderate or chronic pain consuming it orally,   intranasally through intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injection. Certain people use it for recreation also.

Oxycontin functioning in the body:

OxyContin acts as a selective full agonist of the MOR or μ-opioid receptor. There affinity of OxyContin for the δ-opioid receptor (DOR) and the κ-opioid receptor (KOR) is low, where it acts as an agonist. When OxyContin gets bound to the MOR, there is a release of G protein-complex that inhibits the release of neurotransmitters by the cell by reducing the amount of cAMP produced, closing calcium channels, and opening potassium channels. There is an activation of the MOR in the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG) and rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM), which is caused by the analgesic impact.

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Oxycontin dosage:

60-80 mg is the optimum dose for opioid-tolerant patients. Such patients should make sure to take a dose of more than 40 mg or a total dose that exceeds 80 mg. At a gap of 12 hours, this has to be taken orally.

For intolerant persons, the optimum dosage of this medication is 10 mg that has to be taken at an interval of 12 hours at the initial stage. Taking higher doses can lead to side effects.

How to take OxyContin?

You can swallow a single tablet of Oxycontin by keeping it in the mouth. You should avoid pre-soaking it, licking it or wetting it. It must not be crushed, broken, cut or chewed as this will lead to an overdose which can even cause death.

The exact dose is determined by considering different factors such as the rate of pain, addiction, abuse, and misuse. A consistent dose for a small duration is recommended for the medicine to be effective and avoid the negative effects.

Impact of OxyContin Overdose

On missing a dose of Oxycontin, one must avoid taking a double dose if it is already the time for the next dose. You need to call the poison control center immediately if there has been an accidental overdose which is characterized by extreme weakness of the muscles, pinpoint pupils,  slow rate of breathing, extreme drowsiness, or chances of entering a coma.

Possible side effects of OxyContin:

Call the doctor immediately if you find the following symptoms:

  1. The occurrence of low cortisol levels which leads to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness,  tiredness or weakness.
  2. The occurrence of convulsions.
  3. Sighing, shallow or noisy breathing pattern.
  4. Feeling lightheadedness, such as one would pass out.
  5. The occurrence of confusion, abnormal thoughts, and behavior.
  6. Experiencing extreme constipation.
  7. Heart rate becomes slow, with a weak pulse.
  8. Chances of occurrence of serotonin syndrome that needs medical help. The symptoms include agitation, confusion, fever, sweating, fast heart rate, pain in the chest, the occurrence of short of breath, stiffness in the muscles, and facing trouble while walking, or even fainting.
  9. Chances of occurrence of an allergic reaction such as hives, swollen lips, face tongue or throat.
  10. Impact on the fertility of men and women, on using the medicine on a long-term basis.

Need for taking safety measures:

You need to follow these safety measures while taking OxyContin:

  1. The medicine can pass through breast milk so lactating mothers should not take it. If they start taking it, drowsiness, breathing issues and even death of the nursing baby may occur.
  2. If you are allergic to Oxycodone, you should avoid this medicine. In such cases, consult the doctor and take alternative medicine.
  3. If pregnant ladies take this drug the unborn baby can develop serious life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. So it is advisable to avoid this drug during pregnancy.
  4. OxyContin is habit-forming in nature, so do not take it without a prescription, because death may occur in case of misuse or overuse.
  5. Using it with alcohol or any other drugs, it causes drowsiness, because of which the breathing can be slowed down, leading to serious side effects.
  6. Inform all your medical history to the doctor. Some cases of medical history must be informed to the doctor without fail, such as:
    • Problems with gallbladder, pancreas, or thyroid.
    • An injury in the head, brain tumor, or seizures;
    • Liver or kidney disease;
    • Problems related to urination.
    • Addiction to drug or alcohol, or mental illness;
  7. A person suffering from severe asthma or breathing issues, blockage in the stomach or intestine should abstain oneself from taking this medicine.
  8. There are chances of overdose and death if the long-acting extended-release medicine is taken.
  9. Do not use it for treating pain that is not around the clock.
  10. It should not be given to children below 11 years

Getting an OxyContin prescription:

The intensity of your pain and your medical history can help you in getting an Oxycontin prescription from the doctor. You can Buy OxyContin (Oxycodone) Pills  from our online store without a prescription also but is strongly advised to take it under a physician’s guidance.

Is OxyContin legal?

In Australia, this medicine is a controlled drug. In Canada, it is a Schedule I drug, class A drug in UK, and Schedule II drug in the US. Legally this is sold with a prescription only.

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